My goal

To experience and to tell

I discovered the joy of travelling abroad and shooting pictures at the same time – about twenty years ago. I quite quickly became passionate about both hobbies. They fit well my writing ability to serve my ultimate creative goal: to experience and to tell.

About people, different people

Meeting, understanding and sharing with people moved me in my academic studies and later in my humanitarian commitment. Consequently, I gradually focussed my travel photography and writing on people in their geographical and social environment. This is where I stand now and probably for a long time.

I love not only people but also and foremost different people. Intercultural encounters are often so mutually enriching. They feed you with first-hand insights about other peoples’ culture as they reveal you unveiled facets of your personality. It is only when you start exploring a new country that you realise how much you were missing prior to visiting.

I am convinced that our globalised world is and will remain strongly multicultural, against the prediction of a sharp and quick decline and homogenisation of cultures.

In fact, most of the cultures demonstrated their strong resilience against the globalisation. The resilience of cultures is indeed not void of intercultural tensions and violence. When embroiled into politics, cultures may act as divisional and conflicting lines in an increasingly globalised society. However, cultural resilience is also very conducive to so many positive intercultural interactions.

About positive cultural matters

My travelogue explores and valorises the positive potential of intercultural matters – too often overlooked or played down by international medias. My posts aim at highlighting the strength and the beauty of our multicultural world. They often sketch the historical roots of the cultures presented and the way they interact mutually.

Citizen of a multicultural Switzerland living abroad since close to two decades, I feel well equipped for this sociological journey. Through my humanitarian work, I am exposed for long periods of time to a variety of countries and cultures. Many of those countries are barely visited by independent travellers and barely known in western countries.

Enjoying interesting situations gains its fullest meaning only by sharing these experiences.

Although I gathered systematically travel data since 2000, I initiated this travelogue in 2010. I posted first not only fresh reports, but also selected pieces of writing created between 2009 and 2000. However, all my posts follow a chronological order.

My travelogue

My travelogue is pervaded by a linguistic dilemma: French (my mother tongue) or English (universal online language)? My earlier posts reflect the first option, while the most recent ones exemplify the second choice. I will write my future posts in English, unless they would refer to a French-speaking country.

Following a first revision of the layout and the imaging content in March 2012, my travelogue was thoroughly redesigned in late 2013 thanks to a professional web master friend of mine. The current form of my travelogue reflects well my aesthetic and technical preferences. Hopefully you will enjoy reading my posts as much as I did to produce them.

Last updated 18/11/2017