Greece – Crete – Sea

My previous post looked into Crete’s inland. The present one opens up to the Mediterranean Sea. I will remember those subtle but stunning variations of marine blue forever, leaning to turquoise along coastal lines. Some of the most scenic beach locations require quite some physical effort to be visited and appreciated, which does not necessarily make them exclusive paradises. Never mind.

As always when on an island, my camera looked also for boats, fishermen and fish products. I found many of them, and I enjoyed much capturing some natural, occupational or abstract scenes. Here again, Creta is a blessed location for warm and whole-hearted social encounters.

There would be and there is much more than the above to discover and enjoy in Crete. As I did not burn my feather wings close to the sun as Icarus did mistakenly, I will return.


By Bertrand

Trotting the globe with vision, values and humour